Canada's Outdoor Capital
by Jeremy Ritcey

If you're an outdoor junkie like me and there is only one place you can visit in Canada, it's has to be Squamish & Vancouver!

The Squamish 50 is the brainchild of Gary Robbins and is an excellent introduction to everything Squamish has to offer.  I ran the 50 miler and it was nearly 100% gnarly single-track.  The ascents are long and tough, though largely runnable if you've got your MOJO.  The descents are definitely steeper and will test even the most sure footed, as the trails are littered with roots and rocks.  Not only are the trails incredible, but the community comes out to cheer too, not to mention the high fives and hugs from Gary at the finish line.

After the race, spend some time in the chilled out downtown & soak in the only place in Canada that truly feels like a giant outdoor community.  If you miss out on the Squamish 50, never fear as there are lots of races just down the road on the stunning north shore mountains, just across from downtown Vancouver.  

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